Yaakov Indig

- NorCal Fellow 510-482-1147

Born and raised in Staten Island, NY, Yaakov Indig is rather new to NCSY but has loved every second of it. Ever since his return from Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh in Israel, he has been super involved in NCSY in his role as an advisor. Prior to his year and a half at Netiv, he went to JEC for high school in Elizabeth, NJ. On fire from his experience at Netiv Aryeh, he jumped right into Yeshiva University and had the most amazing time, both learning by Rav Adler and studying in Sy Syms School for Business.
Yaakov has spent his past few summers working for Camp HASC, a summer camp for children and adults with special-needs, learning in Camp Kaylie Kollel, and as an advisor on NCSY Israel ID, an amazing five-week NCSY summer Israel program that focuses on learning Torah, chessed, and touring the beautiful state.
Recently, he received his bachelors in accounting, but realized his true passion lies in Torah, not numbers. This passion and dream of his has led him to the amazing NorCal NCSY.
In his free time, Yaakov loves to drink lat├Ęs, play basketball, swim, and bake cookies – get excited for a cookie near you!