Shavuot Shabbaton 2019!!

"And God said... thou shalt eat cheesecake"

Scholarships available
Dates: June 8th weekend
Location: 3778 Park Blvd, Oakland

Check out the options for the whole family!


Friday night: 645pm Shabbat dinner! (Grades 9-12)

Saturday - Free Learnathon lunch, with different tracks whole family, adults included! Honoring Moshe Kaplan, Yossi Rovinsky, and Amitai Glicksman.
Saturday night - 645pm Shavuot Festive Felafel banquet (Grades 9-12) schoolers, plus parting gift and awards for seniors.

Sat night - All night learning and Jewish activities + Swag + 560 pieces of sushi! (Separate tracks for Grades 6-8 and 9-12)

Sunday - Sleep (lunch for Ncsyers at host homes)

Sunday night - Super fun chilled awesome meal at the Engels (Grades 9-12)

Monday lunch - at Synagogue (Grades 9-12)

This year Shavuot falls out on Saturday night. Hopefully, everyone can join us for the whole weekend - we will be having really fun meals Friday night through Monday! However, if you can only join for the banquet & all night Saturday night learning, we would love to see you there too! Please indicate as such when you register. 

Registration is now closed.
Please contact for more information.